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The Kodi/XBMC Music Remote allows to display the lyrics of the currently playing song. To do so, open the play info menu via the button close to the current song info panel, then select "Lyrics". The app provides different methods to determine the lyrics, selectable by different tabs in the lyrics window:

  • Using the Kodi add-on "CU LRC Lyrics"
  • Accessing the lyrics embedded in the tags of the audio file
  • Googling for lyrics on the web

CU LRC Lyrics add-on

This is an add-on that you first need to install in Kodi. Check out its Wiki page to find more information about this add-on. The add-on is able to retrieve lyrics from different sources of the internet as well as access the lyrics embedded in the tags of your audio files. The Kodi Music Remote accesses this add-on and displays the lyrics retrieved by it. If no or wrong lyrics is displayed, please first check that the add-on works correctly within Kodi and post here if you have problems with it. Please make sure to always use the latest version of Kodi and the add-on.

Embedded Lyrics

The Kodi Music Remote can download the currently playing song and display the lyrics that is embedded by the lyrics tag of the audio file. In order to use this method of display, you have to prepare your music collection to include the lyrics in this tag. To do so, you can use a tag editor (e.g. the open source Kid3 audio tagger) to add the lyrics manually. There are also various tools out there that allow to automatically find lyrics in the internet and add it to your entire music collection.

Googling for Lyrics

This option just googles for "<artist name> <title> lyrics", showing you various lyrics sites with the desired lyrics.

Synchronized Lyrics

Some lyrics, using the LRC format, include time information. If the Kodi/XBMC Music Remote finds such lyrics, it automatically highlights the currently playing line of the lyrics in blue color. If you don't see this highlight, the lyrics does not provide time information.

Common Problems and Solutions

The lyrics of the previous song is displayed (CU LRC Lyrics)

Please make sure that you use at least version 4.1.9.

The wrong lyrics is shown (CU LRC Lyrics)

Likely, the CU LRC Lyrics did not find the correct lyrics of the song. Please check within Kodi itself if the lyrics is wrong - if so, please consult the CU LRC Lyrics documentation of forum.

No lyrics is displayed (CU LRC Lyrics)

Please check within Kodi, if the CU LRC Lyrics add-on displays any lyrics. Note: the add-on only works in full screen mode. It could be that a message window or something similar is open such that Kodi cannot switch to full screen mode. In this case, close this window.

In Kodi, I cannot leave full screen mode anymore (CU LRC Lyrics)

The Kodi Music Remote keeps Kodi in full screen mode while displaying lyrics because otherwise the CU LRC Lyrics add-on does not work properly. Just close the lyrics window in the Music Remote if you run into this problem.

The blue highlight that shows the currently playing line of the lyrics is not shown

The lyrics used does not contain time information (see also "Synchronized Lyrics" above). You could embedded lyrics into the music file and ensure it is synchronized lyrics.

The blue highlight is on the wrong line of the lyrics

It's likely that the lyrics has wrong time information or does not match the song exactly (sometimes there are multiple versions of a song, e.g. "Maxi" version etc.). If you are sure that the lyrics are correct and the app is doing something wrong, please contact support.