• Support

If you discover any problems with the Kodi Music Remote, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also if you have feature requests or for feedback of any kind, we're happy to hear from you. Our goal is to make the Kodi Music Remote one of the best Kodi remotes out there, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • There is an online manual (containing frequently asked questions), which can help in case of common problems.
  • Of course you're welcome to drop us an email at support@kodimusicremote.com. Support is available in English and German

 Here is a short video that helps you to get going if you are new to Kodi and the Kodi Music Remote:  Link to YouTube video

Kodi Music Remote Beta Testing Program

In order to make a really great software, we found it is essential to get the users involved as soon and as much as possible. Some of the great features of the Music Remote have their origin in great user feedback.

How does it work?

  • No stress - this is not a "sit down for a weekend and test every function" thing. Just use the app as you would usually do and drop us some email if you found problems or for any feedback
  • As a beta tester, your feature requests and suggestions will be treated with priority. So it's a win-win thing.
  • The quality of the beta versions is pretty good, so there won't be any big problems with the app

Want to get on board?

Technically, it's quiet simple. Just drop us an email at support@xbmcmusicremote.com, and you will get an invitation email through Apple's official TestFlight service. Open the email on your iPhone or iPad, and tap on the link to install the TestFlight app and the beta versions of the Kodi Music Remote.