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Outstanding Music Remote!

★★★★★ "I have been using Marcus's XBMC/Kodi remote for a while now. It transforms Kodi into a superb music player. I use Kodi on a dedicated pic connected to my hifi for playback of HD and Flac music. With this app you have a phenomenal music solution.  Marcus as a developer is tops too. There were several features and UI enhancements I wanted. Sure enough in version 4 all has been added.  I don't often write reviews but this app plus Marcus's ongoing support is a must have if you want to use Kodi as a dedicated music client.  I love it!" - bobsilver1

Excellent in its simplicity

★★★★★ "I wanted an app to play music from my library using my Raspberry Pi. I only need it to play music and not to use the many other media features of XBMC. This app fulfils that need perfectly, especially as I like to group my collection by artist then album" - Crabro2000


★★★★★ "This is perfect for my music library. Got one button on my Harmony to turn the Kodi and Amp on, unlock my iPad and this is already open and waiting to navigate. No need to burn my plasma now!" - VillaCBlox

Audiophile's dream

★★★★★ "This App is an audiohile's dream come true. I've got Kodi in an OpenElec set-up, with a large collection of music and movies. For the movies there's plenty of Kodi remotes out there, but they are all terrible for music. I always had to turn on my TV to browse music through Kodi's interface on TV, which is not good. Because I'm an audiophile and like to listen to music in the dark, the TV is too distracting.  And then I discover Kodi Music Remote. It is awesome! My large music library is cached, so immediately after starting the App I can browse through my favorite songs. It is the ONLY Kodi remote I found that is good for enjoying a large music library. Great work!  One remark to the developer. Could you also cache the File browsing mode? It has to refresh my folders every time. I'd really appreciate it if folder browsing is as convenient as songs, albums and artists browsing. But even without, five stars well deserved!" - ArceeKay

Best app for Kodi music I know

★★★★★ "Nothing to add to the topic... ;) I've tried a lot of apps to manage my music lib on Kodi - I am running a seperate Kodi on a Raspberry attached to my receiver to have something like a Sonos without spending a lot of money - and MusicRemote is the best I found until now. Additional the developer answers very quickly to questions and has fixed a bug directly in the following update ?" - Bigfoot01

Worth every penny

★★★★★ "Good layout. Simple yet does everything. I only wish that in the future, the background color can be changed" - ThE aWeSomMe OnE

Great app!

★★★★★ "Do you use XBMC for music? Forget costly remote controls, this is cheaper and FAR better. Responsive author and features still being added. Amazing app" - lynch27

Beyond slick

★★★★★ "After spending 2 weekends getting all my cd’s ripped to my NAS server, the final step was to add the NAS share to Kodi. I discovered this app while looking for info on how to set up lyrics, and was blown away. This beats the crap out of navigating my immense music library using the remote for my firetv cube that I have my Kodi install on. It’s very well thought out, and pretty simple to set up. The feature set is deep and thus far it seems pretty solid. It even has a shortcuts feature to switch between multiple Kodi servers (and we have two of them). Very impressed!" - LewnWorx

Excellent remote

★★★★★ "Works brilliantly and intuitively, one of the few apps I've tried and wanted to buy the full version. Free version is perfectly functional, give it a try. Running Kodi 14.2 on chrome box." - The_CP


★★★★★ "If you´re anything like me and use Kodi to host your music library and play it on your stereo you will love this app!  When watching video, I have really no need for a remote: the TV is on, showing Kodi with a skin of my liking configured with all "bells and whistles" I want.  Playing music, however, is something entirely different as the TV stays off, requiring a remote so that I can quickly find the music I want to listen to.  Kodi Music Remote is the only remote I 've found that fully targets music and fulfills all my needs. The simple and intuitive user interface is great not only for me, but also for guests that have no idea nor care about how Kodi works. The developer keeps adding meaningful features without introducing complexity to the basic tasks." - pemar13

Great app for music lovers

★★★★★ "This app does exactly what it is supposed to do: supporting your large music collection in a convenient way. The music db and artwork are cached to enable quick navigation and playing of your music files. The app is very actively maintained and updated by the creator, who listens to the community of users to make the app even better" - MrPastoor

Best Kodi app available

★★★★★ "Thanks for this great app. Very intuitive. Found a lot of songs that i forgot to have in the library :-)" - Intermodulator

In love with an app..

★★★★★ "This app was made with absolute love, you can tell. Markus has tamed my huge music library with this app. Unlike ever before, I can now play my favorite music and even music I haven't plaid in years SIMPLY because it's finally so accessible! Some of the best money I have spent in all my years on the App Store.  (...).  Thanks a ton, Markus!" - DJMacDaddy

Tolle Music App

★★★★★ "Die App ist wirklich der Hammer und soweit ich sehe, einmalig auf dem Markt. Für Musikfreunde eine echte Bereicherung. Absolut durchdacht mit sauberer Benutzerführung. So müssen Apps sein. Läuft absolut stabil. Mir persönlich fehlt noch eine Timerfunktion zum Shutdown des Rechners - der Entwickler wurde gerade angeschrieben :) Das wäre das i-Tüpfelchen der sonst so genialen App. Bin gespannt.... Die Pro Version ist absolut ihr Geld wert" - xverbatim_tom

Active Developer

★★★★★ "This is the best music remote for KODI and it is worth every penny. Why is it the best? Because the German developer is very active and friendly.  It has some of the best functions that you can imagine: one outstanding and unique example:  If you have your music in KODI and the same music on your iPhone/iPad in the iOS Music App then you can use your normal iTunes Playlists from the phone and play that music over KODI even in HiRes - if you have re-encoded music on the phone. Because it uses the song-version in KODI - and you can place an uncompressed version of the File in Kodi / on your NAS.  A dark design and bigger control buttons would be nice… But Markus is at it already!" - wise_rice

Nice app....

★★★★ "I like this app, only wish a dark theme, bigger artwork and file play mode..." - PietB

Great app!!!

★★★★★ "Very user friendly. Works without any problems. Very stable. Ui is very good. Thanks!!!" - Num1

Great simple to use App for Kodi

★★★★★ "I love the features and the glitch free way it interacts with Kodi on my pc.  Server control (sleep, shutdown etc) work well.  Id like to see the ability to create and edit and save playlists in kodi using this app" - Perseus765

Finally a remote just for music!

★★★★★ "This update adds terrific new functionality that Marcus received from users. His attention to detail and user wants is the best. This app is near perfect. This makes for an outstanding music client better then anything else.  10 Stars!" - Bob Silver