Audiophile's dream

★★★★★ "This App is an audiohile's dream come true. I've got Kodi in an OpenElec set-up, with a large collection of music and movies. For the movies there's plenty of Kodi remotes out there, but they are all terrible for music. I always had to turn on my TV to browse music through Kodi's interface on TV, which is not good. Because I'm an audiophile and like to listen to music in the dark, the TV is too distracting.  And then I discover Kodi Music Remote. It is awesome! My large music library is cached, so immediately after starting the App I can browse through my favorite songs. It is the ONLY Kodi remote I found that is good for enjoying a large music library. Great work!  One remark to the developer. Could you also cache the File browsing mode? It has to refresh my folders every time. I'd really appreciate it if folder browsing is as convenient as songs, albums and artists browsing. But even without, five stars well deserved!" - ArceeKay