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  • XBMC Music Remote 1.1 released

XBMC Music Remote 1.1 released

The version 1.1 of the XBMC Music Remote has been released in the App Store. It provides the update to iOS7, bugfixes, performance improvements, and user interface improvements.

What's New?

- Update to iOS7
- [Bugfix] Connection to XBMC fails if a username/password is given
- [Bugfix] Changing the username/password is not applied immediately
- [Bugfix] "Find XBMC server" finds only the first server (sporadic)
- [Bugfix] Crash when loading user playlist (can happen with certain playlists)
- [Improvement] Smoother animation when expanding/collapsing artist/albums/playlists
- [Improvement] When expanding artist/albums/playlists, automatically scroll such that as much as possible of the desired content is visible
- [Improvement] Message "Searching for XBMC servers" while searching for servers
- [Improvement] Popup message confirms adding tracks to the current playlist
- [Improvement] Switch between play button and pause button is faster
- [Improvement] Added animation when pressing the "Play", "Shuffle", or "Add" buttons
- [Improvement] Added "rate this app" button to settings
- [Improvement] Added "open support forum" button in settings
- [Change] (iPhone only): When adding tracks, removed automatic switch to currently playing tab
- [Change] Don't show loading progress by grey text color