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  • Wishing you a great 2014 and thanks for your feedback

Wishing you a great 2014 and thanks for your feedback

Just a short Happy New Year and thanks for all the feedback in the forum and through your ratings. They are a great motivation for improving the app and adding new features...!

From the Netherlands:

Echt goed ★★★★★

Goeie app, ideaal als je veel muziek hebt, en werkt snel

From Australia:

Great App ★★★★

Really nice to see an XBMC app dedicated to music. Needs some tweaks to be perfect, but still a good start.

From Spain:

Excelente ★★★★★

No se cuelga y tiene un interfaz claro Ha convertido mi raspberry xbmc en un almacen de musica manejable cosa que xmbc y sus sucedaneos no pudieron un 10 para los desarrolladores

From the UK:

Excellent in its simplicity ★★★★★

I wanted an app to play music from my library using my Raspberry Pi. I only need it to play music and not to use the many other media features of XBMC. This app fulfils that need perfectly, especially as I like to group my collection by artist then album.

Fast, but lacking the wow factor ★★★★

This app is good at what it does. It's super. Fast at connecting to my xbmc library and does what I need. It's just a shame that you can't change the layout to show larger thumbs, or even change the sort by layout. The only view available is artist grouped. Add more features, and this will be a good app turned great.

...by the way, as for the wow factor, check out the PRO version!