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Kodi/XBMC Music Remote 4.1 released

Making listening to your favorite music even more fun - the Kodi/XBMC Music Remote 4.1 has been released in the App Store. As the main new feature, you can now browse information about your favorite bands and albums. Besides the information that was retrieved by Kodi's scrapers, you can also conveniently search other sources of information, as Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Check it out!

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Additionally, the Kodi Music Remote is now fully iOS 9 compatible, including the cool new multitasking features - slide over on iPad Air/Air 2, and split view on iPad Air 2. This feature allows you to quickly bring up the Kodi Music Remote by swiping from the right corner of the screen. Quickly select a track to play, and swipe it back to keep working on your main app!

ipad screenshot slideover

Other new features include: 

  • File info
  • Sort albums in artist view by name, ascending by year or descending by year
  • Sort files and folders by name and date
  • Sort add-on items by name and date
  • Stop button in play queue menu and though long tap on play/pause button

Unfortunately, there have been some problems when running the Kodi Music Remote 4.1 on iOS 7. We are already working on a fix. Read here more about it...

Hope you enjoy this new version!