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Sing along with the new lyrics feature!

Ready to sing along to your favorite songs?

The Kodi Music Remote 4.2 has been released in the App Store - it can now display the lyrics of the currently playing song. If an appropriate lyrics in the LRC format with time information is available, it even follows along and highlights the current line in blue color! This is the feature for all of you that don't necessarily have a monitor/TV connected to your Kodi server.

mockup lyrics

You can use different sources to retrieve the lyrics:

1. CU LRC Lyrics: In order to use this source, you must install the "CU LRC Lyrics" add-on in Kodi. The Kodi Music Remote automatically launches the add-on and displays the lyrics found by it - thanks to the makers of this great add-on!

2. Embedded Lyrics: In case your music collection already contains lyrics within in the mp3 or m4a files, they can be displayed. If not, there are many tools out there to update your collection with proper lyrics

3. Search in Google for the lyrics of the song

Click here for more information on lyrics!

Hope you enjoy this new version! And believe me, there is also some great new stuff in the works as you are reading this!