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  • For Music Lovers and Art Lovers - Kodi Music Remote Pro 4.3.0

For Music Lovers and Art Lovers - Kodi Music Remote Pro 4.3.0

Many of the Kodi Music Remote users love to see the artwork along with their favorite music, fusing acoustic and optical joy. Get the Kodi Music Remote Pro 4.3.0 and enjoy covers in any size you want. Additionally, the tracks and playlists view now display covers. Music lovers and art lovers now both get their money's worth :)

Furthermore, there are tons of other improvements in this version. My personal favorite is the new slick loading mechanism of playlists - now lightning fast while displaying the entire metadata and covers. Other improvements are:

  • Execute-when-ready: No more waiting for server startups: You can tap on the play button of offline content even when you are not yet connected. Once the server has started up and the remote control is connected, the item will be played
  • Cache files and folders: the app now partially caches the "files and folders" view (only items that have been opened)
  • Enable fullscreen mode when playing: Usually when playing a new track, Kodi leaves the fullscreen mode. With this setting, fullscreen mode can be forced when playing music
  • After updating to a new version, a "What's New" window is shown when the app is started
  • Display bits/sample if "show codec info" is enabled
  • Cleaner animation when opening and closing items

...and much more (check out the release notes)