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  • Apple rejects app name - "Kodi Music Remote" to be renamed in the App Store

Apple rejects app name - "Kodi Music Remote" to be renamed in the App Store

Three years back, when I started to write a music remote control for Kodi (at that time, XBMC), I got a really crazy idea.

A music remote control for Kodi? Why don't I call it "Kodi Music Remote"!

Three years later, after submitting ten versions of the app without any problem, I finally got punished for my audacity. Apple rejected version 4.3.1 with the following words:

"Your app or its metadata contains misleading content. Specifically, your app name and app icon creates a misleading association between your app and both Kodi and XBMC (...)".

Basically, they told me "Kodi Music Remote" is not ok, but "Music Remote for Kodi" is. Also, they asked me to change the app icon, since it also contains the text "Kodi Music Remote". After looking at other Kodi remote controls, I realized that most already use the naming "...for Kodi", so challenging the decision of Apple's review board won't have a big chance. I'm not sure if the guidelines where changed at some point, or App Review now enforces their guidelines more strongly. Anyway, beginning with version 4.3.1, you'll now find your favorite app under the name "Music Remote for Kodi/XBMC" in the App Store. Thankfully, Apple allowed me to postpone the icon change until the next version, since 4.3.1 contained an urgent bugfix. With version 4.4.0, I will also change the app icon.

Please bear with me if you find the new app icon not really stunning. I don't find it either. But this project is rather a hobby and nowhere near being financially rewarding, so I'd rather focus on functionality - so keep your feedback coming, it's really motivating!

P.S.: I want to strongly apologize to the Kodi team for this repulsive misuse of their name ;)