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  • Website back online / Kodi Music Remote 4.6.0 released

Website back online / Kodi Music Remote 4.6.0 released

After some rework, kodimusicremote.com is back online. The rework has been done to make the site GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, in German: DSGVO) compliant. Please note the new privacy policy of the website. Since I personally get very annoyed about clicking away cookie popups, I choose to go the hard way and remove cookies altogether. Unfortunately, this meant to also remove all embedded videos, but they are still available as a link to YouTube. Also, the forum is not yet back online, I might get to that at some point in the future. Hope you like the updated site!

Also, the Facebook site has been removed, since the legal implications are currently unclear. Please follow me on Twitter to get news and updates about your favorite app!

Along with the website update, the apps were also taken off the app store for some time - sorry for that. Now, the Kodi Music Remote Pro is up again, in a brand new version - 4.6.0. It contains support for the iPhone X and for the upcoming Kodi Leia, besides some bug fixes and new filter functions. Enjoy! Note: For now, the free version of the Kodi Music Remote will stay removed from the App Store. I will see how it goes, and might decide to put it back at some point in the future.