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Connecting To Your Kodi or XBMC Server

Here is a short video that helps you to get going if you are new to Kodi and the Kodi Music Remote:

     Link to YouTube video

To connect to your Kodi/XBMC server, both the Kodi/XBMC server and the iOS device must be connected to the same WiFi. Within the Kodi/XBMC service settings, a few options must be enabled (screenshots below assume an XBMC installation).

In the settings page 'Webserver', make sure that the option 'Allow control of Kodi/XBMC via HTTP' is enabled. The shown port can be changed but should be left at "8080". The username and password can be freely choosen. Port, username and password must exactly match the ones entered in the settings of the XBMC Music Remote.

In the settings page 'Remote control', make sure the option 'Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi/XBMC' is enabled.

In the settings page 'Zeroconf', make sure the option 'Announce these services to other systems via Zeroconf' is enabled (not necessary if you enter the connection parameters manually in the Kodi/XBMC Music Remote instead of using the convenient feature 'Find Kodi/XBMC in local network').


In the Kodi/XBMC Music Remote, open the settings page:


Click on "Find Kodi/XBMC in local network" to determine the hostname and port of your Kodi/XBMC server. Manually input the username and password of the settings shown above.